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No software download needed. Add notes directly from inside Gmail!

Fully Integrated with Gmail

Screencast Recording for Gmail is fully integrated with your Gmail. Easily record your desktop and voice over with one click, then automatically load and the video via Gmail.

Captures Your Voice

Screencast Recording captures audio from your computer's active microphone. Record your voice over instantly without any special setup.

Record Full-Screen, Active Window, or a Single Chrome Tab

Record your entire screen—or record a single application window or Chrome tab during the recording.

Customizable Landing Page

Your video will be sent as a screenshot in your email message. The link will route to a custom landing page that houses your video. The landing page can be customized for message and color—and you can easily add branding features such as your company logo.

Send Videos With 1 Click

When you’re done recording your video, click “finished.” Your video will upload automatically into your Gmail message.

100% Free Plan

A free plan is available for anyone with a Gmail account or a business email that’s hosted by G Suite. Simply download the Chrome extension to use the free version of the tool.

  1. Fully integrated with Gmail
  2. Video screencast recording
  3. Audio and voice recording

Premium Features Available

For a few dollars a month, you can upgrade to the premium version of Screencast Recording for Gmail.

  1. Everything in the free plan
  2. Automatic GIF creation from the recording
  3. Save to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage systems
  4. Save to YouTube
  5. Email and phone support

How Are People Like Me Using Screencast Recording for Gmail?

Support Requests

Instead of using screenshots or lengthy text instructions, record a screencast video that walks customers step-by-step through the solution to their problem.

Sales Follow-Up

Responding to a lead? Don’t just answer their question with a typed message. Record a custom screencast video and show the prospect the answer to their question.

Daily Work Updates

Have fewer meetings! Instead of having status update meetings that waste everyone’s time, employees and contractors can record 3-4 minute status updates about the work they did that day and what they plan to do tomorrow.

Special Messages

Have a special announcement for your team? Send a quick video showing what’s happening by recording your screen using Screencast Recording for Gmail.